June 2022

Welcome to our new tennis year

It’s so lovely to see so many have renewed their membership and enjoying our beautiful courts.

Welcome to our new members, we hope you have lots of fun throughout this tennis year.

Our friendly club provides plenty of opportunities to play social tennis, inter-club tournaments and league matches.

Our Head Coach, Stephen Pearce, has exciting courses for all ages and abilities, members and non members. His Inclusive coarse, Walking Tennis, is proving very popular for those who are returning to tennis after many years. Dusting down their racquet, making new friends, having fun, whilst exercising playing tennis.

Stephen will continue to send out relavent information to junior and adult members for coaching, tournaments and social events.

Our Club Handbook is being compiled and due to go to publication shortly. All members will be able to receive one, meet our new Committee Members and enjoy the events that have taken place over the previous year.

Forth-coming events will be listed, but please keep looking on our website as extra events are continually being added.

I wish to thank all our Sponsors featured in this edition, their support has been invaluable, especially during the previous couple of years.

If you wish to make any comments or suggestions to improve our club, please put them in the blue letter box just inside the Clubhouse door. We value your ideas to make our club as safe as possible, as well as being an exciting, happy environment, where we can all enjoy the game of tennis.

Cheddar Tennis Club continue to put the safety of our players first. Please view our Safeguarding notices which are displayed around the premises as well as being on the website.

See you on court soon,

Kind regards

Sarah Strawbridge.   Chairman and Welfare Officer


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