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Register For Annual Punch Up Thursday 28th Dec 7pm

Register for Annual Punch Up Thursday 28th Dec 7pm


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From 7pm until 9.30pm


Annual Club Punch Up Thursday 28th Dec 7pm. Tennis with Crumble and Custard, Minced pies and Mulled Wine (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Please bring a plate of savoury nibbles to share.

Look who's coming:

  • dae
  • lucy
  • Sarah
  • Rosemary Gilling
  • Georgie Syed
  • Alan Foster
  • Joseph Knowles
  • Sue Durston
  • Ruth Rogers
  • Chris Rogers
  • Jennie Colton
  • PeterColton
  • Steve Watkins
  • Richard Barnett
  • Denise
  • Bailey

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